Are you building a new home or just want the feel of warm floors?  Radiant floor heating is best installed when building a new home, however it is possible to do a retrofit application.  (See radiant floor options.)

Home is almost finished

Home in Seattle

This project in Seattle is a great example.  The 500 square foot basement has a great entertaining area, a bedroom and bathroom with a shower.  The radiant floor is heated using the gas water heater.  A heat exchanger separates the homes potable water from the water in the radiant floor system.  The hi-efficiency gas water heater is built with side ports and approved for hydronic applications, making it an ideal choice.

Before pouring the basement slab, 2” R-10 foam insulation is placed on top of the black plastic vapor barrier.  The sidewalls are also insulated.  Tubing is stapled down onto the foam insulation in a layout that heats the area you want heat and not in area that it is not needed.  We keep the tubing away from walls, toilets and areas needed for building support.  The builder choose to apply an acid wash finish to the floor, however tile, floating floors or a thin carpet will also work.  The system is controlled by a simple set point thermostat that carries Sunworks lifetime warranty.

The complete installation was under $5700.00.   Also, the basement radiant allows for smaller forced air heating equipment to be used and a smaller duct system.  We can also make the basement radiant ready, by just installing the radiant tubing with the balance of the system going in at a later date.  Radiant ready installations typically run $3 to $4 per square foot.

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