We just finished installing this Polaris hi-efficiency gas water heating system.  The old water heater had been in service for over 18 years and had started to leak.  In addition to heating hot water for the 5 person family the tank also provided space heating for a 500 square foot addition to the home that uses a radiant floor heating system.  To help with water heating costs the owners had a solar hot water heating system installed years ago.  Hot water produces by the solar heating system pre-feeds the gas water heater.

One of the problems with the old system was during the winter months it was common to run out of hot water when several members of the family took showers one after another.   The home owner did research into both storage type water heaters and tankless units.  After talking to the tankless manufacture representatives about solar pre-feed and the radiant systems the owner decided on a storage tank model.  The Polaris was a perfect choice as it had no problems with a solar pre-feed system and was designed to be used with hydronic heating systems.

Sunworks was chosen for the installation because of our extensive experience with both solar water heating and Polaris water heaters.  The made in America, Energy Star rated stainless steel water heater has 34 gallons of storage, 130,000 Btu’s input and is 96% efficiency.   Polaris water heaters have been in production for over 25 years with an excellent track record.  In addition to installing the new water heater Sunworks also upgraded the solar pre-feed system with an automatic valve to direct solar heated water directly to the house during the summer months.  We replaced the old tube and shell heat exchanger with a new smaller more efficient flat plate exchanger and added a new variable speed hi-eff circulator to the radiant floor heating system.

Final outcome, no more running out of hot water, the radiant floors are always warm, the solar hot water system is more efficient and the gas bill is far less.  Sunworks has been installing Polaris water heaters for over 20 years and we find them to be an idea choice as a hi-efficiency replacement and with new Dept. of Energy requirements for more tank insulation, stand by loss is non-existent.

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