3 Ton Geothermal Open Loop Water To Water

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Open Loop Piping

We installed this 3 ton geothermal forced air heat pump with new duct system into a 2400 square foot home earlier this year.

Great Room With Fireplace

Great Room With Fireplace

A fire damaged a large portion of the home so the original open loop split system geothermal heat pump and duct system needed replacing. The home was built in 1985 and the old system had worked great ever since. The owner wanted it replaced with another open loop system. The old system used a standard air handler that was in a hallway closet and the heat pump compressor unit was in the crawl space below. We removed the old unit from the crawl space and redesigned the system so the new unit would be located in the attached garage.

Open loop geothermal systems do not use ground loops, which is a big savings in installation costs. They use ground water from wells and are very efficient as the incoming water stays close to 50 degrees year round. Sunworks installed a top-of-the-line Hydron Module Revolution, a 2 stage model with EMC variable speed blower. The HXT multi-positional vertical unit has both the heat pump and air handler sections in an all-in-one packaged unit. This 3 ton heat pump is about the same size as a typical refrigerator. Return air comes down from above and we converted the unit to a down-flow, to supply heated and cooled air into the supply duct system in the crawl space.

The system is controlled by a Nest Smart Thermostat with Sunworks’ lifetime warranty. This high end system was just under $28,000.00 installed including sale tax. The Hydron Revolution geothermal system is Energy Star rated and the entire system installation cost qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit.

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