Water Furnace 10 ton water to water geothermal heat pump installation to heat 6000 square foot radiantly heated home.  The wood boiler was becoming too much work, so homeowner opted to install a 10 ton, 120,000 Btu heat pump.  The geothermal heat pumps sets below the buffer tank in center of picture.  To the right is the blue wood boiler with a large 1500 gallon silver storage tank on the far left.  When the system calls for heat an earth- friendly heat transfer fluid of antifreeze and water is circulated thought a large ground coil behind the home.  The ground coil has 6000 linear feet of 3/4 “ pipe buried 5 feet below the surface in 10 slinky loops each covering 450 square feet .  The transfer fluid extracts heat from the earth loop and circulates it to the heat pump by the red transfer pump center left.  With 50 degree entering ground loop water the heat pump can produce 115 degree water for the radiant floor system.   The heated water from the heat pump is stored in a new 80 gallon buffer tank setting above the heat pump.  The heat pump system installed over the winter of 2014-15 has taken over space heating of the home and the owner plans to mothball the wood boiler keeping it operational only if needed for back-up. The Waterfurnace heat pump is Energy Star rated and qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit along with the balance of the system.