Air Conditioning

  • Ac coil installed.
  • Before ac coil install.
  • Ac outside unit.

There is still time to install air conditioning to keep cold the rest of summer. Check out this resent project where an air conditioning system was retrofitted into an existing gas forced air heating system.

This is a typically install of an air conditioning system to an existing forced air heating system. The system has two parts, the indoor coil now setting below the gas furnace and an outdoor unit called the condenser. The two components are connected by the refrigerant line set. The line set transfers heat removed by the ac coil to the outdoor unit. Below the line set is the condensate line that carries liquid condensate (water removed from the indoor air) to the outside. The condenser sets behind the house on a 3“ pad with electrical disconnect to the side. Condensate from indoor is seen to the right of the unit.

Air conditioning is a great add on to any central forced air heating system providing cool indoor air all summer long. It is quiet and affordable too. This 2.5 ton system was just $5500.00 installed and will cool the house for less than a dollar a day. To learn more about air conditioning for your home call Sunworks today.