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Living in the Northwest we wait a long time for the arrival of warm weather and want to make the most of it. As temperatures start to climb, having an effective cooling system provides more than just temperature control. Being able to keep windows closed defends against safety risks, exterior noise and air contaminants.

Did you know that 75% of the homes in America have air conditioning? The most common type of system pairs an exterior air conditioner with an interior air handler or furnace, which works in tandem to circulate cool air throughout your home. Matching your air conditioner with a compatible air handler or furnace will generate optimum efficiency and ideal system performance.

If you want air conditioning and have a gas furnace you can still take advantage of the energy saving you get with a heat pump. Known as a dual fuel system it will alternate between the electric heat pump and the gas furnace based on outdoor temperature for maximum efficiency and comfort. During the heating season the electric heat pump is used if the outdoor temperature is above 40 degrees. (85% of the time) When the temperature drops below 40 degrees the gas furnace kicks in when it becomes the most efficient option. During the summer the heat pump switches to air conditioning to keep you cool.

Gaining popularity is the mini-split style system. These systems do not require ductwork and are an excellent choice for homes with radiant floors, hydronic and electric baseboard or wall heaters and remodels. Whichever system you have installed, make sure to verify that the system recommended covers not only your heat gain load but also that your currency or new duct system is properly sized, if required.

About brands. We’re picky about the brands we recommend and like you we want them to be dependable and give you a greater degree of comfort. Most experts will agree that the differences between brands pale in comparison to the skill and integrity of the installers.  We feel any of the brands we recommend will work fine for decades to come if competently designed, specified. installed and supported. Most of our air conditioners, both standard and mini-splits come complete with a 10 year parts and labor warranty.

About installation. Most experts will tell you that when it comes to having a new or replacement system installed the differences between brands pale in comparison to the skill and integrity of the installers. All systems are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our job is not finished until you’re satisfied. Your comfort is always our top priority.

Many of our clients allow us to post pictures of their systems on our site, so please enjoy taking a look at “OUR WORK”.

Add-On Air Conditioning
New Ac Coil Installed Below Gas Furnace Orting Wa

New Ac Coil Installed Below Gas Furnace Orting Wa

If your home already has an existing furnace and duct system then adding a new air conditioning system can be very easy.  Referred to as a split system, an indoor cased coil is installed either below or on top of your existing furnace.  A second unit called a condenser is then installed outside and a line set connects the two pieces of equipment.  This system is then controlled by your existing thermostat or it may require a new one that will operate both your heating and air conditioning.

Goodman Air Conditioning Installation Auburn Wa

Goodman Air Conditioning Installation Auburn Wa

In most cases we always try to install the same brand of equipment as the existing furnace.  It is our experience that a matched system looks right, fits better and in most cases will work better.  If this is not possible than we will recommend Armstrong Air, as we find it to be one of the best available.  If we do need to replace your existing thermostat remember that we offer lifetime warranties on all thermostats we install.

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Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless High Wall Ac Unit

Ductless High Wall Ac Unit

A very popular choice if you do not have central forced air heating system.  We have been installing ductless air conditioning systems for over 15 years.  They are an excellent choice for homes with radiant heat, offices, churches or any room or building that needs to be cooled and is without a central ducted system.

What is referred to as “Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems” do not rely on ducts to distribute treated air throughout the building. This makes them ideal for rooms where adding ducts is impractical, such as a garage or exercise room.  Ductless systems are ideal for homes with radiant floor heating, as they are far less expensive to install.  Both ductless and a central forced air systems are referred to as split-systems, with an indoor air handler or blower unit and an outdoor condenser unit.   With proper design and installation either option will provide cool comfort all summer long.

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